Hello, My name is Kendra Bordelon! 

I Am a Self-taught artist and Certified Holistic Health Coach.

In 2015 I Graduated from The institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). 

They provide broad spectrum training in a ever-expanding variety of areas involving health care, 

from mind, body medicine to essential business basics.  

 I am very passionate about living in a harmonious, compassionate, symbiotic and sustainable manner 

 by adopting positive and constructive habits that produce a harmonious, beneficial effect for all.

Though i am a professional, I am not a doctor or nurse.

My job is to provide assist people in 

finding what it is that works best for them from a professional standpoint

and wealth of information. 

I am, to everyday people seeking to become the-best-version 

of themselves, 

a personal mastermind partner 

seeking the answers to their questions as if they are my own

and a cheerleader on the in-skirts, believing in and encouraging them to

 advance confidently in the direction of their dreams,

while making clear and informed decisions.

My intentions are to be a source of inspiration and healing.

To serve, give, support with love and make use of all that I have to offer the world

in the most constructive and productive way possible.

 Living my dreams, and my passion, doing what I love,

enjoying life to the highest degree

and helping as many others as I can, do the same

however they so choose! 

I look forward to connecting with you!

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Thank-you for visiting my website, 

 Have a terrific day!