​Hello, My name is Kendra Bordelon! 

I Am a Self-taught artist and Entreprenuer.

In 2015 I Graduated from The institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

 I am very passionate about ​living in a harmonious, compassionate, symbiotic and sustainable manner 

​ by adopting positive and constructive habits that produce a harmonious, beneficial effect for all.

I was homeschooled throughout my entire elementary and highschool ​education which I graduated from in 2013.

 I specialize in the following skillsets and offer services 

 including yet not limited to;

- entreprenuerial business startup

Specifically Network Marketing, Creative passion,

Online presence building and brand exposure.

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"Homebased Business Success!" video series.​

- Education, guidance and assistance with using

and understanding a variety of artforms, techniques and media

Including musical, visual mediums, movement and performing arts.

... Virtual Online Workshops


Personalized Nutritional Analysis

Restoring balance by targeting possible nutrient deficiencies and determining a way to fill them.

- 1 on 1 Coaching for General or Specific Health based goals and concerns

​  Ranging from;

weight/fat loss and fitness goal maintenance,

 hormonal balancing,

natural treatment solutions to various disorders and dis-ease,

and general well-being consultations both long and short term.

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I also offer my creative arts services for sale as,

- Visual Art Prints available Here.

- Commissioned pieces by request, in a variety of mediums;

For inquiries and/or more information please contact me Here.

​- Original pieces for sale from the gallery.

For inquiries and/or more information please contact me Here.

​My intentions for this website are to be a source of inspiration and healing.

To serve, give, support with love and make use of all that I have to offer the world

while living my dream, doing what I love, enjoying life to the highest degree

and helping as many people as I can, do the same! 

I look forward to connecting with you.

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Thank-you for visiting my website, 

 Have a terrific day!

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