MKE #3 – Week 8 – Growing My Conciousness
I have been practicing observing what I am observing for awhile now. Last week I noticed that perhaps that my[...]
MKE #3 Week 7 – Positive for a Week or Positive for Life?
In the MKE, this week we decided to go on a 7 day positive ONLY mental diet. Ive been making[...]
MKE #3 – Week 6 – Overflowing Cup
There is a glass and I see it on the table. What do I think? Do I love it as[...]
MKE #3 – Week 5 – Welcoming All
If I think about what I want, Do I let myself have it?     Yes or No  beg and[...]
MKE #3 – Week 4 – Everything Accepts Me
Validation. Assurance. Faith. True Belief. The Knowing in my heart I can trust. What I feel. Who I am. What[...]
MKE #3 – Week 3 – Pioneering New Frontiers
What time is it? Now is the time. Now is Always the time. The only time worth something to me[...]

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