MKE #3 – Week 17 – Recognizing Greatness
This week has been filled to the brim overflowing with things i am starting to realize are showing up as[...]
MKE #3 – Week 16 – Oxymorons
There is an interesting feeling I want to ponder. The feelings of strong duality on upon a certain idea. Knowing[...]
MKE #3 – Week 15 – Permission to live
Why is it I think I must DIE before I give myself permission to LIVE? From the beginning of the[...]
MKE #3 – Week 14 – Submerged
I could see the old patterns above me as the holiday frenzy begins I want to maintain my balance. I[...]
MKE – #3 – Week 13 – INstant Gratification
I was asleep. dreaming. thinking. absorbing information. Or just realizing it. There is something i want, I didn't have because[...]
MKE #3 – Week 12 – Infinite potential
Boredom. It can be a comman theme for adolescent youth. "Im Bored, theres nothing to do." Or so you may[...]

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