MKE #2 – Week 24
Today I wonder about what enough is to me what do I want it to be is what I am[...]
MKE #2 – Week 23
All fear is fear of not being loved. I believe in and trust myself to be true to what my[...]
MKE #2 – Week 22
Geeez! Although i have been through this course last year, i realley needed this to be repeated to me today,[...]
MKE #2 – Week 21
Today i used my precious time which no price can ever buy back,  looking up studying when the human species[...]
MKE #2 – Week 20
Faith and family first. Keeping promises. Poise,  just being yourself. Never fighting yourself welcoming obstacles as challenging in my life[...]
MKE #2 – Week 19
I AM that which I AM. I have been and always will be, I am so grateful to be here[...]

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